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blood root36 Acres began as a photographic project by Tobin Fraley to document the ever changing diversity and beauty of the Reed-Turner Woodland Nature preserve located in Long Grove, Illinois. Since 2003, Fraley has taken thousands of photographs of the woodland, capturing the seasons, the wildflowers and the many moods of the Reed-Turner.

In 2007 Fraley began to write pieces to accompany the photographs for exhibits and soon decided to begin work on a book by creating a portrait of the preserve in photographs and words. Over the next few years it became clear that this was more than just a book about a single area of natural wonder, but a statement about what can be found in the smallest pieces of wilderness.

Fraley discovered that every book, including this one, also has a point of view expressing some value or theme the author hopes to communicate to the reader. Sometimes that moral is clear and concise while other times the reason for putting words on paper is vague, usually with the conscious intent of leaving the reader uncertain.

By creating this book, Fraley does not want to leave the reader with any possible sense of uncertainty: Every time thirty-six acres of meadow, woodland, prairie or forest is cleared to create another subdivision, another strip mall or to extend a highway, we are losing a Reed-Turner Woodland.
blood root