36 Acres Cover
36 Acres Title
blood root 36 Acres is a portrait of a small area of wilderness captured in photographs and words.

The intent of this book is to show that throughout the world, small sections of undisturbed land are just down the street or around the corner, waiting to be discovered and cherished. The fundamental character of nature exists in all of these parcels.  Although photographer and author Tobin Fraley has spent six years photographing and writing about this particular thrity-six acre nature preserve, the book is a representation of what can be found in any neighboring woodland, prairie, meadow or forest.  Each “36 acres” around the planet has its own individual beauty, offering whoever can take the time to explore the diversity and qualities of that land, a lifetime of discovery.

You can share in Tobin Fraley’s discovery of this extraordinary section of nature by purchasing 36 Acres for $34.95 online at Amazon or by visiting The Garden Shop at Chicago Botanical Gardens or at Trillium in Long Grove, IL at 223 Robert Coffin Road; call 847/883-8867 for more information.
blood root